Mystic Side Gift & Book Store
Welcome to the Mystic Side Gift & Book Store

We have been here over 6 years and welcome old friends and new to our Metaphysical and New Age store.

If there is any kind of class you are looking for just note it and we will try to get one going.

We are continuing the tradition started by David and Aleima at 7-Rays, bring light into upstate New York by providing a center for your mystic and mystical supplies. We have supplies for most students of the occult including practicing pagans and wiccan.

We have the gifts you want for yourself but will share with others.

We have a vast array of items, including but not limited to: books, candles, crystals and stones, devination, incence, jewelry, herbs, spiritual and inspirational products.

Also, have people available that do holistic healing with both Reiki and Therapeutic Massage (by a New York State Licensed Massage Therapist - LMT)

Our store is at the crossroads of I-90, I-81 and I-481 in central upstate New York. We are easy to reach by driving or as close as our phone lines, fax or e-mail.


We enjoy seeing the MOON phases as they continue through the month and seasons.


We have restocked and expanded our line of crystals and minerals and now have about 100 different kinds to choose from.

We wish to thank everyone in attendance for filling our store with their positive energy.

We have had visitors from other states as well as other countries.

Stop in and see us, we don't offer an online shopping cart.

We can try to help you find something by calling us.

Thank you new friends and old !

In only a year and a half we have had thousands of hits on our web sites.

We have shut down the Guestbook and Forum pages because we were getting hundreds of garbage messages. These pages now link to other pages for the time being.

Our e-mail address has not been operational because of spam and junk. Hard to believe Samhain has past and Yule is almost here.

Blessed Be

REV: 2013

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